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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

The Trust works hard to meet the diverse needs of its local population and staff by making sure that no person is ever at a disadvantage when it comes to their healthcare or place of work. 

Committed to providing high quality and safe care for all, the Trust upholds a culture in which all people are valued and respected. 

As an NHS organisation, the Trust has a duty to protect all people that use its services, such as patients, staff and volunteers, from any form of discrimination in relation to a personal characteristic. 

The promotion of the Equality Act 2010 throughout the Trust creates an environment in which everyone feels valued and able to give their best.

To achieve this, we follow the principles and guidelines set out in NHS England's EDS2 (Equality Delivery System).

Below you will see some case studies for work that the Trust has done around equality, diversity and inclusivity.

BAME Network

We have a diverse workforce that represents its local communities, and around 11.5% of our staff identify themselves as being from a BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) background.

It is clear from the national picture that BAME staff do face inequalities in accessing training, career progression opportunities and face an increased level of abuse compared to their colleagues.

As a Trust, we strive for an inclusive and safe organisation for all – and encourage people to join our workforce from all around the world.

To support our staff, we have an active BAME network that anybody can join, which aims to provide the opportunity to inform and influence the Trust's policies by raising issues that specifically affect BAME staff.

The group promotes the interests of BAME staff by providing a safe and confidential environment in which to share experiences in a meaningful way to affect real change.

LQBTQ+ Network

The LGBTQ+ Staff and Patient Network aims to increase awareness of these issues, and to help improve the experiences of both our staff and patients.

The Trust places great importance on, and is committed to, equality for both staff and patients.

The Trust’s Rainbow Badge initiative is a way for all our staff to demonstrate that they are aware of the issues that LGBTQ+ people can face, and support the community.

The badge itself is intended to be a simple, visual symbol identifying its wearer as someone who feels comfortable talking about issues relating to sexuality or gender identity.

It shows that the wearer is there to listen without judgement and signpost individuals to further support if needed.

The LGBTQ+ Team will provide basic education and access to resources for staff who want to sign up as a Rainbow Warrior – staff who chose to wear a rainbow badge.

The information they provide outlines the challenges that LGBTQ+ people can face and the degree of negative attitudes which are still found towards them.

Diversity Day

Last year, the Trust held its first ever Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic event, celebrating the different cultures and ethnicities from across the Trust’s workforce.

Staff were invited to bring food from around the world, with onion bhajis, couscous and apple strudel all on offer.

The event also hosted guest speakers, including the BAME Chair and other group members.

This event was so well received that the Trust is planning to hold a similar, virtual event this October – in celebration of Black History Month.

This is supported by the Trust’s Chief Executive, who recently shared a message with all staff to address the importance of placing our approach to equality and diversity as an absolute priority.

Equality and diversity survey

We have recently shared a survey will all staff, asking for their views on equality, diversity and inclusivity.

The survey will help the Trust to understand our staff members’ thoughts on equality, diversity and inclusion and to get a sense of where real change needs to be made.

The results will also help to influence the Equality and Diversity Strategy which is currently being written. 

Funding secured for a new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead

The Trust has successfully secured funding that to introduce a new role to the Trust for an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Lead. This funding has been granted by NHS Charities Together.

This is the first time the Trust has looked to recruit to a role like this, and the successful candidate will be responsible for helping the Trust drive forwards equality and diversity – supporting with the new strategy, heading up the BAME network and LGBTQ+ Rainbow Badge scheme and helping to implement real change.

The new employee will also work with HR to embed a culture of mentoring, coaching and talent development; with particular focus on BAME mentoring and BAME-specific development opportunities.

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