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The Way Forward Programme

The Way Forward programme is a major programme of work which includes four main projects to develop services on the Great Western Hospital site.

Rather than expanding existing services, projects focus on building more integrated, streamlined and efficient models of care, which will provide an effective balance of urgent and longer-term services to meet the needs of the local population. 

Large scale growth and new build housing in places like the upcoming Eastern Villages means demand will only continue to grow over the next five to ten years.

This inevitable increase in demand will not only impact on the hospital, but on all local health and social care services.

The £30 million of national funding, which the Trust successfully bid for at the end of 2018, will contribute to transforming the main entrance to the hospital with an innovative model of care for urgent and emergency services.

Other projects within the Way Forward Programme include developing a centre of excellence for rehabilitation and exploring further opportunities within the private healthcare market.

A new model of care for emergency and urgent care

When the hospital was built in 2012, the Emergency Department was designed to support 48,000 attendances a year. This has since doubled and a new model of care aims to stream patients to the right service sooner, allow further integration and provide safe and high quality care for the 90,000 patients a year who now use the service.

A centre of excellence for rehabilitation

Alongside a growing number of attendances to the Emergency Department, demand for all Trust services is high, which makes maintaining a steady flow of patients through the hospital and into the community, one of the Trust’s biggest priorities. 

Of the 230 people who attend the Emergency Department each day, about a third need to be admitted to a ward, often with multiple and complex conditions. This is our big challenge.

If the Trust was to do nothing, the Trust’s bed base would need to grow by 241 in the next ten years, to accommodate for Swindon’s rapidly growing and ageing population.

An important part of the Way Forward Programme therefore focuses on developing rehabilitation and community services to support recovery outside of the main hospital and help people to stay well.

The Trust is currently exploring the development of a centre of excellence for rehabilitation, which accommodates the needs of acute patients, by providing dedicated, structured and personalised rehabilitation.

This would help to free up beds in the main hospital, reducing re-admissions by providing high quality rehabilitation and supporting patients to return home and live independently.

Private income

The Way Forward Programme is also exploring how the private healthcare market could further benefit the Trust ( can we make clear here that income from this source is ploughed straight back into NHs care ) and what the Trust’s current private healthcare offer could look like in the future.

Shalbourne Private Healthcare represents just 1.2 per cent of the Trust's income, however in just one year the service has contributed £1.3 million of profit to the Trust’s overall financial position.